Now Showing

Currently showing at Eleven is a selection of works in a variety of a media. Included are gallery artists, such as Kent Christensen and Jane Hilton; artists that have had solo shows at the gallery in the past such as Tim Bavington and Marius Bercea; and artists that we have not shown before such as David Shrigley and Nettie Wakefield.

Viewings can be made by appointment. Please contact the gallery if you would like details of available works.
Full list of artists - Tim Bavington, Marius Bercea, Kent Christensen, Cedric Christie, Harry Cory Wright, Jane Hilton, Damien Hirst, Natasha Kissell, Natasha Law, David Shrigley, Nettie Wakefield.

Break-A-Heart Road - 2002 - Jane HiltonWe’re All on Drugs, 2007 - Tim Bavington.Don’t, 2018 - David Shrigley Glycine Cresol Red, 2011 - Damien HirstSpring Snowball, 2009 - Marius BerceaGreen Strip on White, 2019 - Natasha LawSt Enedoc Church, 2018 - Harry Cory WrightBe True, 2007 - Kent ChristensenGummi Bears, 2013 - Kent Christensen We Are Heroes, They Are Gods, 2016 - Cedric ChristieNichole, 2015 - Nettie WakefieldThe Splash, 2022 - Natasha KissellComing Soon Nothing, 2002 - Jane HiltonWhite Arc on Grey, 2020 - Natasha Law