Now Showing

 Currently showing at Eleven is a selection of works on paper by internationally renowned artists including Andy Warhol, Chris Ofili and Marcel Dzama.
Also on display are a number of works by artists that the gallery represents or works with including Harry Cory Wright, Adam Dix, Natasha Law, Cedric Christie and Rob and Nick Carter.

Andy Warhol - Grapes, 1979Chris Ofili - Untitled, 1999Marcel Dzama - Untitled, 2000Annie Kevans - Brooke Shields, 2006Julie Verhoeven - Carrot Top, 2006Devin Leonardi - Captain John Homan, 2007The Connor Brothers - Daredevil, 2013Natasha Law - White Dress, 2012 Adam Dix - Barley Corn, 2015Natasha Law - Pink Skirt Flowers ii, 2016Harry Cory Wright - New Forest, 2018Natasha Kissell - I Have Longed to Move AwayRob and Nick Carter - Spectrum Circle, 2018Damien Hirst - Glycine Cresol Red, 2011Cedric Christie - We Are Heroes, They Are Gods, 2016