Founded in 2005 by Charlie Phillips, previously founding director of Haunch of Venison, Eleven is committed to supporting the best of international contemporary art by both established and emerging artists.

Eleven operates from a permanent gallery space in Twickenham which is open by appointment. Eleven also acts as an art advisory service and with over twenty-five years of experience in the art world Charlie Phillips is well placed to help clients looking to start a collection or build on an existing one.

Eleven began presenting pop up galleries in 2009 and worked with Grosvenor to present a series of exhibitions in London on Elizabeth Street, Mount Street, and Pimlico Road. In recent years Eleven has collaborated with Anthropologie, Boisdale Canary Wharf, CNB Gallery, Eight Moorgate, Linley, Hari Hotel, Jigsaw and Matches Fashion to exhibit its artists in unique locations.

For eleven years whilst located in Belgravia, Eleven put on over eighty exhibitions, working with gallery artists such as Harry Cory Wright, Gerry Fox, Jane Hilton, Natasha Law and Jonathan Yeo as well as many other artists including Tim Bavington, Marius Bercea, Polly Morgan and Keith Tyson.