Jane Hilton

Break-A-Heart Road, 2002 - Jane Hilton Two Red Chairs, 2006 - Jane Hilton Cement Works, 1998 - Jane Hilton Pate Meinzer, 2009 - Jane Hilton In-n-Out Burger, 2002 - Jane Hilton Jim and Jennie Crapse, Chapel of the Fountain - Jane Hilton Cloud, Cortez - Jane Hilton White Cadillac, Pleasant View, Colorado - Jane Hilton Downtown Fantasy Wedding Chapel, 1996 - Jane Hilton Campervan, Blue Hill, New Mexico - Jane Hilton Red Boots, 2002 - Jane Hilton Mike Lutch, Arizona, 2008 - Jane Hilton Miss Skye, 2012 - Jane Hilton Playmate Ranch, 2012 - Jane Hilton Alexis Mateo 2020 Jane HiltonAngel Phoenix 2020 Jane HiltonAsia & Anetra 2020 Jane Hilton Carnie 2020 Jane HiltonMirage 2020 Jane Hilton Sage O'Hara 2020 Jane HiltonVictoria Mateo 2020 Jane HiltonComing Soon Nothing - Jane HiltonJane Hilton - Nevada Fence, 2019 Mustang Interior, Nevada Desert, 2008 Jane Hilton Kit Kat Ranch, Nevada, 2012 Jane Hilton Shiprock, New Mexico, 2006Jane Hilton. Contaminated Desert 1, Nevada Test Site, 2018 Jane Hilton. Stop, Area 51, Nevada Test Site, 2018Jane Hilton. Motel Room, Liitle Ale Inn, Nevada, 2018 Jane Hilton. Mustang, Death Valley Inn, 2018 Jane Hilton. Trust No Man, 2012 Jane Hilton. Jeremiah Karsten, 2006 Jane Hilton. Circus Circus, Las Vegas, 1995Bella’s Hacienda, Jane HiltonUnnamed 3, Jane HiltonUnnamed 2, Jane HiltonSo Far Out, Jane HiltonCorridor, Jane HiltonCupid's Wedding Chapel, Jane HiltonMackenzie, Jane HiltonSahara Casino, Jane HiltonSatan Angel, Jane HiltonMariah, Love Ranch South, Jane Hilton Teepee, Toas, New Mexico, Jane HiltonTarget A, Jane HiltonTarget B, Jane HiltonTarget C, Jane HiltonTarget D, Jane HiltonTarget E, Jane HiltonTarget F, Jane HiltonTarget G, Jane HiltonTarget HTarget I, Jane HiltonTarget J, Jane HiltonTarget K, Jane HiltonTarget L, Jane HiltonTarget M, Jane HiltonTarget N, Jane HiltonTarget O, Jane HiltonTarget P, Jane HiltonTarget Q, Jane HiltonL.A. Gun Club, 2016, Jane HiltonL.A. Gun Club, 2016, Jane HiltonL.A. Gun Club, 2016, Jane HiltonL.A. Gun Club, 2016, Jane HiltonMonument Café, Mexican Hat, Utah, Jane HiltonThe Highway, Rio Arriba, New MexicoBig Chief Gas Station, New Mexico, Jane HiltonCowboy, Valley of the Gods, Utah, Jane HiltonBluff, Utah, 2015, Jane HiltonValley of the Gods, UtahRim Road, Toas, New Mexico, Jane HiltonMiss Katerina Marie, Love Ranch North, Jane HiltonSabrina Dawn, Love Ranch South, Jane HiltonPorsha, Donna's Ranch, Jane HiltonSunny Star, Love Ranch North, Jane HiltonCourtney, Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Jane HiltonShelley, Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Jne HiltonRuby, Wild Horse Ranch, Jane HiltonJane Dough, Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Jane HiltonKitty, Bella’s Hacienda, Jane HiltonSydney Rose, Love Ranch North, Jane HiltonBella's HaciendaHot, Nasty, Wild Sex, Jane HiltonTruck Inn, Nevada


Jane Hilton

Jane Hilton is renowned for her photographs based in the western parts of the United States where she documents the lifestyles of ordinary people with remarkable lives. 

Drag Queen Cowboys (2020) is a collaboration with the vibrant community of performers based in Las Vegas and the portraits were taken just before the pandemic reached the USA in February 2020. Set in Nevada, and inspired by the locations and displacement of characters in John Houston’s film "The Misfits" (1961) with Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable. All drag queens chose and painstakingly made their own ‘western’ outfits; including accessories, wigs and applying their own make-up. After gaining their trust, Hilton steered them away from their nocturnal habitat of bars and clubs. With no artificial lighting or digital technology, she shot these portraits on black and white film using a plate camera, with the natural light of the American West.

In L.A. Gun Club (2016), Hilton continues her exploration of American culture and Americana through one of the country’s most controversial pursuits. She visited the L.A. Gun Club in downtown Los Angeles and was captivated by the experience. She documented the remains of these unique ’shot' target posters that were made by a cross section of the community from a brain surgeon to a couple on a 'date night'.

Hilton has been photographing the American Western landscape since 2006. Her 2010 Dead Eagle Trail series captured vast spaces of cowboy country as she documented the cowboy lifestyle where the landscape is at the core. The cowboys were photographed in their own homes, which they have filled with accoutrements of their heritage and culture. They exhibit an impulse to collect and preserve their way of life as the ranches struggle to survive.

Hilton first encountered Madam Kitty’s Cathouse in 1998. In 2000 she was commissioned by the BBC to make ten documentary films in this brothel and the Moonlite Bunnyranch, both situated in Nevada, USA. For her 2013 exhibition Precious Hilton returned to the brothels of Nevada to create intimate nude portraits of working girls from the only state in America where prostitution is legal. The women are all from different cultural backgrounds and the variety of ages and body shapes represented challenge the traditional idea of beauty. Jane was privileged to stay in many of the brothels during this project and the trust and friendship this engendered is clear in the portraits.

Jane Hilton, photographer and filmmaker lives in London. Her work was recently featured in The Scarlett Muse, Daniel Cooney Gallery, New York (2016) and also included Eugene Atget, Brassai and Danny Fields. Her solo exhibitions include L.A. Gun Club, Eleven, London (2016), Precious, Eleven, London and Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York (2013). Dead Eagle Trail, Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York, LUX Gallery, Amsterdam, and Crane Kalman Gallery, Brighton (2011). Her work was featured in Knock Knock, Jerwood Gallery, Hastings (2013), Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize, The National Portrait Gallery, London and The Art Gallery, Walsall (2010). Her documentary photography has been featured in major printed publications including The Telegraph, The Sunday Times and The Observer.