New works by Natasha Kissell on display until the end of 2018

Eleven is delighted to be showing Brave New World, an exhibition of new works by Natasha Kissell until the end of 2018.

Pavillion - Natasha Kissell

Kissell’s recent work explores the idea of pavilions and the egalitarianism they offer in being available to all to enjoy and experience. They take away the necessity of privilege and ownership that is implicit in the construct of the modernist house, available only to a wealthy minority. The design of the structures sit in contrast with the organic free flowing nature that surrounds them, somehow changing the environment they exist in and creating a dialogue between nature and the man made. Nature as we know is not pure and unadulterated, the man made has encroached on most of the planet's habitats leaving every part touched by man’s impact on the earth. These pavilions are like punctuation marks in the landscape, helping us appreciate and enjoy nature in all its fragility even more.

Kissell has been spending time in Wales, a country that has the feeling of wilderness with its moody mists and earthy purple-reds and vivid acid greens. Painting outdoors allows Kissell to observe directly from the landscape and create an immediacy in her brushwork.

Natasha Kissell was born in 1978 and lives in Brighton. Her work is in the collections of, amongst others, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, the Saatchi Collection, the Ovitz Family Collection and Knoxville Museum of Art, Tennessee. She has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world including at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Connecticut, The Royal Academy in London and The Viewing Room in Mumbai.