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Currently on show at Eleven are new paintings by Natasha Kissell in Life in the Woods.

The exhibition takes its title from a book first published by Henry Thoreau in 1854, who built a cabin in the woods and wrote about the possibility of living free from the constraints of consumerism. "I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately" he wrote in the pages of Life in the Woods (also titled Walden) which as well as being about promoting a life free of materialism and competition, was also ahead of its time in preaching environmentalism and making a case for choosing less.

There is so much to learn from the pursuit of "less is more", a greater sensitivity to nature, consuming less and wanting less of the trappings of wealth and material possessions. In this exhibition, the scale of the buildings in Kissell’s work has shifted from being the main subject to taking a more modest secondary place to the nature in which they exist.

Natasha Kissell lives and works in Brighton. Her work is in the collections of, amongst others, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, the Saatchi Collection, the Ovitz Family Collection and Knoxville Museum of Art, Tennessee.

 Also on show are works by Harry Cory Wright and Natasha Law.


Natasha Kissell. Silver Birch Trees, 2021  Natasha Kissell. A Fog Descended, 2021  Natasha Kissell. Cabin, 2021. Oil on canvas  Natasha Kissell. Light on a Hill, 2021. Oil on canvas  Natasha Kissell. House in the Woods, 2021. Oil on canvas  Natasha Kissell. Take Me to the Sea, 2021Natasha Kissell. Burning Night, 2021. Oil on canvas  Natasha Kissell. The Last Rose, 2021. Oil on canvas  Natasha Kissell. Offham Escarpment, 2021. Oil on canvas Between Space and the Earth - Harry Cory WrightGreen Strip on White, 2019, Natasha Law