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Gallery Artists - Natasha Law

Under a Cloud (ii) Blue
2014 Gloss paint on aluminium 49 x 49 in / 125 x 125 cm

Bold blocks of colour and purposeful lines delineate Law's sanguine semi-nudes. Her figures are suspended in a moment whether posed and purposeful or casual and spontaneous. Tousled hair, the curve of a hip, or discarding clothing, the works allude to the privacy of domestic spaces and relies on the viewer’s own voyeuristic fascination to draw them into her intriguing vignettes.

It is her protracted process which creates the vibrancy in her works. She often begins with line drawings from her modelling sessions and determines where to zoom in and crop the image before transcribing the lines onto the aluminium panel. She then applies numerous coats of household gloss paint in a completely dust-free environment to achieve the flawless almost liquid like surface which has become part of unique style.

Her recent works from her 'Dust in Their Eyes' (2012) exhibition reveal an increased exposure of layers in her technique. In 'Pink Strips' (2012) she leaves slivers of the aluminium sheet exposed to reveal the raw surface and annunciate layers of built up paint. Similarly in 'Passenger I' and 'Passenger II' (2012) she leaves some of her initial pencil marks uncovered allowing these soft delicate lines to intersect with coats of saturated colour. Fluctuating between specific details of the body and the whole figure, her work elegantly lingers between the abstract and the figurative.

Natasha Law was born in 1970 and lives in London.

Eleven: 11 Eccleston Street, London, SW1W 9LX - +44 (0)20 7823 5540 - info@elevenfineart.com
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